Kalvara is the First Cannabis Beverage with Pressurized Infusion Technology, Preserving Ingredient Potency and Flavour in a Convenient Package Until the Moment of Consumption

TORONTO, Sept. 14, 2021 /CNW/ – Beacon Hill Brands Inc. (“Beacon Hill” or the “Company”), a privately owned Canadian company focused on developing, marketing and distributing functional, nutraceutical and medicinal beverages, is bringing the popular Kalvara brand (“Kalvara” or the “Brand”) of Infusion Technology-powered, conveniently-sized cannabis beverages to the Canadian adult-use recreational cannabis market.

Previously available in California, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico, Oklahoma and now Ontario, Canada, Kalvara is powered by the unique Vessl® infusion technology, protecting sensitive ingredients until the moment of consumption, helping to ensure potency, freshness and full flavour. Oxygen and UV light affect the potency of cannabinoids and other sensitive ingredients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc.). Vessl® technology uses UV resistant plastic, removes oxygen from the container, and pressurizes it using the inert gas nitrogen. The proprietary closure instantly mixes the active ingredients with the water when opened, creating a unique experience for the user.

“The innovative Vessl® technology provides a tremendous opportunity for us to leverage our knowledge of the Canadian market and create a diverse range of high-quality, all-natural solutions. Kalvara is only the first step in a larger expansion of Vessl® technology in Canada,” said Stephen Dick, Beacon Hill Brands co-Founder and CEO.

“We have high expectations for Kalvara as a truly innovative cannabis beverage in Canada,” said Joel Toguri, CEO of Humble + Fume Inc. “Breakthrough brands are rare, but the Vessl® technology truly has the potential to shake up the game.”

“We are excited that Beacon Hill shares our vision with the use of the Vessl closure and the consumer benefits of an innovative all-natural cannabis product that preserves THC without the use of artificial preservatives or refrigeration,” said Walter Apodaca, Founder and CEO of Virdi.  “We believe Canadian consumers will enjoy the fresh taste of the flavourful and innovative Kalvara beverages that allow a rapid onset delivery of a precise dose of water-soluble THC to the bloodstream, avoiding problems associated with other edibles.”

The unique citrus-flavoured, rapid onset, cannabis-infused beverage is now available for purchase in Ontario through retail channels and the Ontario Cannabis Store. Sales representation is provided by Humble + Fume Inc. Beacon Hill Brands retains the exclusive distribution rights of Vessl® technology in Canada, with HydRx Farms Ltd. serving as the Licensed Producer.

About Beacon Hill Brands Inc.

Beacon Hill Brands Inc. is a privately owned Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario. Beacon Hill is focused on developing, marketing and distributing functional, nutraceutical and medicinal beverages utilizing the extraordinary patented Vessl® closure technology. Vessl® closures allow for the instant and precise delivery of fresh ingredients without the need for artificial preservatives. Vessl® delivers industry-leading shelf life and shelf stability while protecting against the degradation of key ingredients. Currently, Beacon Hill is rolling out multiple Tea of a Kind SKUs including antioxidant and yerba mate teas, immune boost, sport recovery and sleep remedy shots. Learn more at beaconhillbrands.com.

About Virdi, LLC

Virdi, LLC. is a privately-owned company based in Tempe, Arizona and is the exclusive supplier of the patented Vessl® closure (www.vesslinc.com) for consumable liquid cannabis beverage applications in the US and Canada.  The Vessl®  closure is a dosing and dispensing device that allows the delivery of fresh ingredients without the need for artificial preservatives.  Virdi sells the patented Vessl® closures, trademarked packaging materials, proprietary formulas, beverage manufacturing equipment, packaging machines, and clean room infrastructure to distributors that produce and distribute trademarked and private or white label brands for cannabis and other beverage applications. 

SOURCE Beacon Hill Brands Inc.

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