Even after three years, new and innovative products are being introduced.

“I think cannabis is divided between, you know, those who want to use it recreationally, but I think there’s a huge interest in people that want to use it for their wellness benefit,” says Samantha Marchione, brand ambassador for Nuveev.

Nuveev is a company who has a product line which includes skin care products and beverages.

“We combine the benefits of CBD specifically with plant extracts to create a product that is a well rounded product ideal for every single age, race, consumer ,skin concern, ” says Marchione.

“Anything from hydrating, nourishing your skin, all the way to, helping your skin age gracefully and attaining healthy skin”.

They also make a beverage which focuses on internal and external wellness.

“We have a 25 milligrams CBD (cannabidiol) beverage that is CBD only, and really focuses on the technology of getting CBD into your system acting fast but without the worry about THC,” says Marchione.

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