Justin Renfrow was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he first picked up a football and began working on his craft as an athlete. Renfrow played on the defensive line at the collegiate level first at the University of Virginia then his senior season at the University of Miami in 2013. In 13 games for the Hurricanes, he had 36 total tackles and one forced fumble. He transferred to Miami after three seasons at Virginia where he played 22 games and had 18 tackles including 1.5 tackles for loss. At Miami, Justin was also an All-Academic athlete and showed an ability to perform on the field and in the classroom.

Renfrow played in the NFL with five different teams including the Seattle Seahawks where he was on the roster of players who played in the Superbowl. In the present, Justin Renfrow now plays as an offensive lineman for the Edmonton Eskimos. During the 2018 season, when playing for the Calgary Stampeders, Renfrow and his team won the Grey Cup-2018 season. He was also nominated for the CFL Community Service Award (Tom Pate Award).

Within the community, Renfrow volunteered with Brown Bag Calgary where they pack lunches for kids who can’t afford them. He also works with the Boys and Girls Club where he host events and take the kids out to eat and various other activities. Renfrow also helps raise money for Big Brother Big Sisters.

Renfrow also served as volunteer coach for the Calgary Bantam Football Association (CBFA) and the Calgary Bantam Stampeders where he successfully helped the team achieve victory and win the City and Provincial Championship.

Further, this past winter, he also started football camps for the kids of Calgary with the hopes of taking them to the US to get recruited. As Justin gets ready to embark on working to bring his successful work ethic and dedication to the Edmonton Eskimos, he is also looking forward to being involved in the community there also.