Nicholas Nedin is currently the Product Development and Quality Assurance Manager at Greenway Greenhouse Cannabis Corp. Nicholas has been working in the Canadian Cannabis Industry since 2016, starting as a Research and Development consultant, he leveraged years in an array of positions in hospitality, manufacturing and beverage alcohol to provide insights for cannabis companies on how to bring unique cannabis products and brands to market, while fitting their operations into government based grant structures and tax incentive programs. 

In his free time, Nicholas produced more than 150 podcast episodes for The Cannabis Act Podcast, The Flower Hour Podcast, and The Cannalysts. He is also a regular contributor to Inside The Jar, writing about Cannabis, food and popular culture. He was also an executive member of The Podcast Mashup along with The Cannalysts, CFAMM, Lift & Co, and Ernst & Young, helping raise over $30,000 for Cannabis related charities in 2019.