For its more than 245,000 Cabana Club members, High Tide says it will leverage its in-house brands to provide an exclusive customer experience, which will drive customer loyalty and expand market share.

Effective immediately, all of the firm’s stores will be offering “steep” club discounts on cannabis products as well as member-only discounts on consumption accessories. There will be other exclusive benefits for members of the Cabana Club, which remains free to join “over the short term.”

Based on two successful pilot projects beginning in April — which High Tide says yielded a 184-per-cent increase in consumption accessory sales, a 76–100-per-cent increase in THC product sales, and a 272-per-cent increase in new club registrations — the firm expects sales volumes to continue to rise.

According to OCS data, over 70 per cent of Canadian cannabis consumers are very focused on price, and High Tide intends to gain market share by converting legacy customers to its value program.

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