KNOWN for Impact.

Known is a group of strategic thinkers with unparalleled industry knowledge and experience, who support impactful cannabis, psychedelics, and healthcare organizations.

Our industry experience sets us apart and gives us the ability to handle everything from concept to execution. Transparent every step of the way, our collaborative processes lead to more efficient workflows and flexibility to adapt to our own client’s needs, budget, and timeframes.

Public Relations

Our years of experience, knowledge, and media network allow us to achieve optimal reach for the organizations we work with. Our tailored, strategic approach ensures we are tying all PR efforts into core business goals, whether that’s brand awareness, conversions or project milestones. 

  • Strategic PR Plans 
  • Media Relations
  • Promotional Launch Planning & Execution
  • Vast, trusted media network 
  • Press Release writing & Editing
  • Media Training and Interview Support
  • Tactical Messaging
  • Media reporting 
  • Pitch decks, and workback schedules 
  • PR for Investor Relations 
  • Podcast planning & Execution 
  • Industry Event Planning & Execution 

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Advocacy & Education

We’re known for Advocacy and Education, because it is our passion. We, and our loved ones are patients, we are users, we are deeply integrated into the fabric of the cannabis and psychedelics community. We are your people. We know your audience, and your consumers. 

  • Advocacy plans and execution
  • Education plans and execution 
  • Advocacy & Education content planning and execution 
  • Advocacy network (specializing in cannabis & psychedelics) 
  • Podcast creation, production, execution and promotion

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Digital Marketing

Our process combines insight with emotional intelligence and creative intuition. Whether it’s discovering a brand’s truth or finding an opportunity within our own insight. We try to find that one thing that really matters to people.

  • Research & Competitive Analysis
  • Business Strategy & Business Planning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy 
  • Go-To Market Strategy 
  • Retail Strategy
  • Key Messaging 
  • Social Media Planning
  • Influencer planning and outreach 
  • Content planning and execution 

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Brand Development

As a strategic partner and expert within the Health Canada regulatory rules and design guidelines, Known is able to deliver best-in-class brands, websites, products and services.

  • Identity
  • Naming
  • Voice & Tone
  • Branding
  • Website Design
  • Development
  • Merch
  • Design Systems 

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Business Development

Do you have a great idea or start-up organization/brand, or are you challenged with your existing organization? Let our team of experts help you develop your business idea, or help your existing company create efficiencies, plans, make meaningful business connections for streamlined operations and optimal profitability 

  • Competitive Analysis 
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Key Messaging 
  • Budgeting 
  • Business Planning & Coaching
  • Operational Planning, Effectiveness, Procedures & Processes  
  • Community relations planning
  • Thought Leadership 

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